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The executive board of Warrensburg Animal rescue is made up of seven officers, the president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, community coordinator, development coordinator, and historian.


Run operations for daily needs, including promotion of corporation purpose, work with legal counsel as needed for compliance with legal standards or other needs of the corporation, calling of meetings of officers as required for the conducting of business, developing corporation functionality, signing checks, appointing sub-committees and ad hoc committees as required for Board business and filling any vacancies for the same, voting on all board matters.

Vice President

Assist President as necessary or asked in general implementation of corporation purpose as may be beneficial to the corporation’s purpose, and assist with ensuring compliance with legal standards for non-profits by work of the officer or employment of legal counsel as needed for the Board, any costs for the same to be pre-approved by the Board, acting as President in absence of President for calling of meetings, vote on all board matters.


Compile meeting minutes, emails, chat logs, maintain records of the corporation not otherwise maintained by the Vice President or legal counsel, assist Treasurer as needed, vote on all board matters.


Maintain all accounts for Corporation, maintain any necessary accounting as required, acquire and maintain Federal non-profit tax status in conjunction with Vice President, accept donations for corporation, sign checks, and vote on all board matters.

Community Coordinator

Act on behalf of Corporation to work with necessary legal entities for license, zoning, or other needs and working with other community organizations, businesses, or the like in reaching the goals of the board and meeting the needs of the Corporation, and shall have a vote on all board matters.

Development Coordinator

Manage capital projects, including overseeing current facility projects; evaluate growth opportunities to include property purchasing and development; vote on all Board matters.


Maintain record of all activities and achievements of the Corporation; collect photos and written reports of events and milestones for record keeping; vote on all Board matters.

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