WAR Announces New Partnership

Warrensburg Animal Rescue Announces Partnership With Best Friends Animal Society

With its new partnership WAR will strengthen its mission as it looks at the long-term goals for the rescue, the Old Drum Animal Shelter and the community of Johnson County, Missouri.

WARRENSBURG (July 31, 2021) – Warrensburg Animal Rescue became an official shelter partner with the Best Friends® Animal Society on Monday July 26, 2021. Best Friends runs lifesaving programs all across the U.S. and has the nation’s largest no-kill animal sanctuary located in Utah. With innovation and inspiration, Best Friends works collaboratively with a network of more than 3,300 animal welfare/shelter partners and community members nationwide to Save Them All.®

“Having a no-kill facility allows for greater engagement between a shelter and its community. If a facility operates by following a structured rotation of euthanizing animals, it loses the involvement that volunteers, businesses and other members want to take part in supporting,” said Kayla Frank, director for the Old Drum Animal Shelter. “It has been proven that people will avoid kill shelters because they make them feel sad and depressed even if they offer volunteer opportunities. No-kill facilities can be trickier to operate with the pressure to keep kennels open and pets moving through, but its support will be much higher.”

As Best Friends partner, WAR will gain access to benefits including:

  • Support from a dedicated regional team 
  • Participation in coalition-building, to learn from groups in surrounding counties and states, and to serve as lifesaving models for others
  • Access to specialized digital tools, research, tech solutions, and resources developed by Best Friends staff members and other experts from across the country
  • Lifesaving and no-kill sustainability grant opportunities through the Rachel Ray Foundation that support effective and innovative lifesaving programs, such as adoption, spay/neuter, and intake prevention
  • Exclusive participation in national fundraising events like Strut Your Mutt, ResQ Walk and national adoption promotions


“Through our partnership with Best Friends, we will now participate with Strutt Your Mutt and ResQ Walk. Continued fundraising is imperative to the growth of Old Drum Animal Shelter,” said Christina Burke, Vice President of WAR.Being the only animal shelter in Johnson County, Missouri, is a big job, and fundraising will be the way we are able to expand to meet the needs of the animals in our county. We look forward to the coming years and to helping more and more pets find homes with the support of our community. 

Best Friends Network Partner

To learn more about Best Friends Animal Society, visit bestfriends.org.

About Warrensburg Animal Rescue/Old Drum Animal Shelter

Warrensburg Animal Rescue (WAR) was founded as a 501(c)(3) organization (FEIN# 85-2612929) in August of 2020 in response to the community of Johnson County, Missouri’s passion to save the only shelter in our rural county after it was announced it would be defunded by the city. WAR assumed control of the Old Drum Animal Shelter on January 1, 2021. WAR’s mission is to provide low-cost animal welfare services to our community at  our “No-Kill” animal facility. You can learn more about WAR and Old Drum at olddrumanimalshelter.org.



Sarah Chamberlin
Board Treasurer
Warrensburg Animal Rescue

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