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WARRENSBURG, MO (April 7, 2021) – Warrensburg Animal Rescue (W.A.R.) can now look forward to the future beyond 2021 after Johnson County, MO voters chose to support Prop A, which will impose a new countywide sales tax of one-eighth of one percent. This is a five-year sales tax that will go into the county’s general revenue fund with a line item for animal shelter services and expire on Dec. 31, 2026.

With Prop A’s passing, W.A.R. will be able to maintain operations and maintenance of the Old Drum Animal Shelter and expand services to all of Johnson County including the incorporated entities within Johnson County such as  Knob Noster, Warrensburg, Holden, Centerview, Leeton, Kingsville, and more. Old Drum Animal Shelter under W.A.R. is a “No Kill” animal shelter that has standard shelter adoption and fostering programs, coordinates shelter medicine, offers microchipping to the public, and networks with other regional animal rescue groups through the practice of humane solutions for Johnson County’s “voiceless.”

In addition, W.A.R. continues to work with law enforcement throughout Johnson County to provide safe space for animals after official pickups and to quarantine animals as needed. Starting in 2022, residents throughout Johnson County will have access to the shelter services and the shelter fee schedule will continue as previously implemented for Warrensburg residents.

W.A.R. will continue to fundraise to grow and expand to increase the capacity to serve all of  Johnson County. W.A.R. recognizes that the current shelter facility size limits the animal population it can hold and will fundraise through capital campaigns. W.A.R. will explore the possibility of a new facility and a mobile clinic to allow scheduled events within incorporated areas as well as outreach into the rural areas of the county.

W.A.R. would like to also recognize the county commissioners for their support and recognition of the importance of providing our county with humane animal welfare services. W.A.R. thanks the entire community in Johnson County for the unbelievable ongoing support–not only for their votes, but also for their participation in the last several months through fostering, volunteering, and spreading the word. Thank you!

Warrensburg Animal Rescue is a federally recognized 501(c)(3) organization providing animal welfare services throughout Johnson County, Missouri. Old Drum Animal Shelter is the home for our organization and for the hundreds of animals it serves each year.

For more information about W.A.R., Old Drum Animal Shelter, and our services, please visit olddrumanimalshelter.org and follow us on Facebook.

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